Dr. D. Das

Photo of Dr. Daisy Das Dr. D. Das did her M.Sc. from Gauhati University and Ph.D. from IIT, Guwahati, Assam. She joined the Department on the 1st April of 2009 as Assistant Professor.

She taught Economics of Development, Evolutionary Economics and Environmental Economics.

Left to join Cotton University on 23.02.2018 (after availing 2 years lien)


Contact No(s): +91-364-2723187(O); +91-8974987626 (M)
Email Address: (1) daisy.das@gmail.com
Ph.D. Title: Quality of Life and Environment: A Case Study of Guwahati
Broad Areas of Interest: Environmental Economics ; Development Economics ; Evolutionary Economics
Number of Workshops Attended: Eight

Research Papers Published:

  • Das, D. and Hussain, I. (2016). "Does ecotourism affect economic welfare? Evidence from Kaziranga National Park, India". Journal of Ecotourism (In press) .

  • Das, D. and Mahanta, R. (2015). "Vulnerability to Poverty: A Survey", Journal of Business Strategies, 32, pp.151-172.

  • Das, D. (2014). "Damage by Wildlife Around Protected: An Empirical Investigation around Kaziranga National Park", Environment Conservation Journal, 15(1), pp.77-82.

  • Hussain, I. and Das, D. (2014). "Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Areas: The Study of Ecotourism Activities in Kaziranga National Park". In Sustainability: Ecology, Economy and Ethics, McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

  • Das, D. (2014). "Rural Electrification through Solar Energy: Issues and Challenges". In M. Das (ed.) Economy of North East India: Issues and Dimension, Laxmi Publication, New Delhi.

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2013). "Attitudes towards Biodiversity Conservation of Forests Dwellers and Encroachers: A Case Study of Assam in Northeast India", Small-Scale Forestry, pp.307-319.

  • Das, D. (2013). "Is Solar Electrification a Sustainable Solution for Rural Electrification? Learning from Field Experience", Indian Journal of Energy, 2 (5), pp.1-9.

  • Das, D. (2013). "Problems and Prospects of Living around Kaziranga National Park", International Journal of Scientific Research, 2(12).

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2013). "Measuring Forest Dependence and Perception Towards Biodiversity Conservation- A Study of Households in Village Forest and Encroached Villages of Assam", Journal of Social Review, 1, pp.1-12.

  • Hussain and Das, D. (2013). "Study of Ecotourism: A Special Reference to Assam", Indian Journal Of Applied Research, 3 (9), pp.567-569.

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2013). "Willingness to Spend Labour Hour for Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study with Special Reference to Village Forest Dwellers and Encroachers in Assam", Journal of Biodiversity, 4(1), pp.45-51.

  • Das, D., Borbora, S & Dutta, M.K.(2012). "Living Environment and Quality of Life: A Case Study", International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, 25(2), pp.71-84.

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2012). "Environmental Degradation and Migration: A Case Study of Assam", Journal of Human Ecology, 38(3), pp.223-203.

  • Nongkynrih, D. and Das, D. (2012). "Tourism in Meghalaya: A Study of the cleanest village in India", International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies, 2(12).

  • Das, D. and Mahanta, R. (2012). "Role of Infrastructure in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Assam". In R.P.Rudra (ed.) Inclusive Financial Infrastructure, Bloomberg, Germany.

  • Das, D., S. Borbora, Dutta, M.K. (2011). "Satisfaction from Quality of Life in Urban Living Environment", South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies, 11(2), pp.62-65.

  • Das, D. (2011). "Scope of Livelihood Sustainability in Assam: An Indicator based Approach". In the proceeding volume of 2nd International Conference on Sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity, IIM Shillong.

  • Das, D. and Mahanta, R. (2011). "Municipal Solid Waste Management in Guwahati: A Case Study", Review of Research, 1, pp.1-4.

  • Das, D. (2008). "Quality of Life: A Case Study of Guwahati", Social Indicators Research, 88, 297310.

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2008). "Fiscal Situation in Arunachal Pradesh: Performance and Corrective Efforts". In M. Sharma (ed.) Economy of Arunachal Pradesh. DVS Publisher.

  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2008). "Regional Economic Co-operation between India and ASEAN: Trade Opportunities of Northeast Region". In C. R. Lyngdoh & M. Rani (eds.) Look East Policy: Impact on North East India, Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi.

  • Das, D. (2007). "Urban Quality of Life: A Case Study of Guwahati", Social Indicators Research, Springer Publications (DOI10.1007/s11205-007-9191-6).

  • Das, D. (2007). "Willingness to Pay for Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Guwahati", Urban Policy, 2(1).

  • Das, D. (2006). "Aspects of Sustainability and Role of Institutions: A Case Study of Assam", Assam Economic Journal, Vol.XIX.

  • Das, D. (2005). "Globalization and its Socio-economic Impact: An Urban Case Study", Assam Economic Review, Vol.VIII.

  • Das, D. (2005). "Urban Environment and Waste Management in Dibrugargh City, Assam", Assam Economic Journal, Vol.XVIII.

  • Das, D. and Das, K. (2005). "Sustainability in the Northeastern Region: The Relevance of the Concept of Ecolocalism", In Conference Volume "Environ, 2005", National Seminar Organized by Rangia College, Assam.



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